Shivaji Rao Gaekwad’s career as an actor started when he was just six years old, when he played the role of Ekalavya’s friend in the Hindu epic Mahabharata.

But no one could have anticipated that this Marathi speaking kid would go on to become one of the most popular actors of all time. The people who brought bus ticket from him never would have thought that they will stand one day in queue to watch is film!!!! 

The first person to discover his inherent flair for acting was K.Balachander, an Indian director working primarily in the Tamil industry. However, Balachander wasn’t impressed with Rajnikanth’s acting prowess right away. At their first meeting, when Rajnikanth auditioned, he delivered some of Sivaji Ganesan’s dialogues and copied his mannerisms. Unfortunately, Balachander rejected him and advised him to develop a style of his own and to learn Tamil

Rajni was so persistent to become an actor and he did all the necessities. But apart from the talent, faith, hope he had, as a non-tamil speaking aspirant, lot of self-confidence and he was self-motivated. Because of that, he never looked down on himself. All that he believed was he and his talent.

After getting a break in K. Balanchandar’s movie, he continued to act in many Tamil movies. Slowly, he was recognized as a prominent film star and his signature style of flipping the cigarette was a hit with the masses. He conquered Bollywood and also Hollywood.

After blitzing through a series of successful movies, Rajnikanth starred in a Bollywood movie Andha Kanoon, alongside Amitabh Bachchan and Hema Malini, which went onto become a big hit proving that language was no barrier for talent. On that time, it was not easy to do a movie in Bollywood. But giving a hit in completely another is just Rajini’s things. After continuous success. He became a SUPER STAR of Tamil Cinema.

Started his Career as a Bus Conductor, without knowing the Tamil language. Now he is the icon of Kollywood. There were so many actors during his time who act and fight like Rajini. But Rajini’s charm remained unbeatable.

As everyone, Rajini too faced many failures. His competitors believed that he can never come back. But as his favorite saying, he is not elephant who struggles to get up when it falls. He is like a Horse which gets up in a fraction of seconds and runs further. He was so Confident about his talents. He was such a hard working hero as we see in his 80’s, he doesn’t hesitate to do fight scenes himself. This is all because of his self esteem and self-confidence.

He always believed in himself when no one believed. Just imagine a boy from interior of Karnataka who does not even have proper cinema background but wants to act in Cinema. Everyone could have laughed at him. But he never stopped for anyone. A conductor, went to on become World’s big Actor, just because he believed in himself. As he always say, No one is my competitor, but he himself is competitor to himself.

When Rajini entered Cinema, it was totally dominated by fair skin Heroes. But he broke down all the barriers and became the best actor and made everyone to fall in love with his Dark Skin. He gave a new charm to every Dark Skinner’s out there.

He never failed to motivate us with his confidence. He is the only one actor in Kollywood industry who never hesitate to show his face to camera without makeup. All this is because, he believed in himself not his makeup Rajini. Makeup may fade or fail, but talent won’t.

One must learn from one’s mistakes instead of losing hope and confidence: Rajinikanth’s career changed for the good, when he got rejected by K.Balachander the first time. Focusing on the advice, he went to him again with pep and verve. Rajinikanth developed his own style and learnt Tamil. The rest is history.

Perseverance and self-confidence is enough for following your passion: Even after being hospitalized in 2011 at the age of 61, he stole the hearts of millions of fans by returning to the silver screen, proving that age is no barrier for following your passion.

So the question is, He is a Good Hero? Or is he a Leader? Or simply a Good human being?

The answer is Everything.  He is a Good hero on the scene because he won Millions of hearts.  Is he a Leader?  Yes.  Absolutely he is a Leader.  Only a Leader can attract Leaders and Talented people.  All Talented people in the industry wants to just act with him for one second. That is the Charm of a Leader’s quality.

A leader is Flexible. He is able to work with Shankar, the great Director. At the same time, he can work with New Directors like Pa.Ranjith and obey their commands. He is able to work with A.R.Rahman and also with newcomer Snathosh Narayanan.

A leader should have communication skills. Rajnikanth’s Communication skills are beyond comparison.  Every time, he goes to stage, everyone has something to take home.  His speaks like a Motivational Guru sometimes.

A leader is able to work in a Team.  Rajnikanth is a team player right from the beginning. He shares good rapport with everyone in the set. Right from Light boy to the producer of the film.  Everyone just become wild when they utter his name. During the shooting of the film, Sivaji, the Boss, he was sitting in a roadside waiting for a call from director.

We can go on discuss… The simple thing is, Simplicity.

Rajini, the Great… his life teaches many aspects to the one who is ready to learn from others…

He is not just an Super Star. He is actually Epitome of soft skills. He is examplery example on how anyone can be a winner just by mastering soft skills.


communication skills
High Self Esteem
Self confidence

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