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Why mental Health
in Colleges ?

The college students are more prone to various addictions. They need emotional & Intellectual   supports. Psychological education helps them to handle life positively.

Why Emocare?

Emocare has 20 Plus years experience in Training in colleges. Further Emocare has more than 200 Plus Psychologists and Trainers who can create positive impact on students in soft skills.

How emocare is unique

We train Basic psychology  as well as Soft skills. All our Trainers are Psychologists. Hence we deliver the Best. Just training in Soft skills will not deliver better results.

What is the Model?

Our Model of emotionally healthy colleges are very unique. Apart from certification, we provide the best counseling services to Students and Faculties which are international standard. 


Every College concentrates on Soft skills. But seldom students get the fear out to talk in Group discussion or Interview. because, we are just trying to fashion the outside aspects without concentrating on the inner aspects. When we work on the Mind and train the Mind, the students will be able to master the Soft skills very easily. WATCH THE VIDEO ABOUT THE SAME


We have been training students in  Employability skills for the past 20 years. Please watch our training  video shot 10 years back. We are the only company having rich expertise in Corporate training as well as Employability training.


We just do not deliver a pre defined module in all the colleges. We just do not depute a someone as trainer who has no prior certification and also skilled in all soft skills. All our Trainers are Psychologists. So deliver the most.

We train ..Yes Train not teach

Employability Training Or Soft skill training to students are not so easy. Anyone who is able to speak in English is not a Trainer. We have fully qualified Psychologist Trainers. We have activities which can bring out the inner talent of the students. 

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